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Yes! It is totally free to get your store listed in our website!
All you need to do is to register as a user, then convert your account into a Seller account.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to register as our site user.
  2. Check your email and get your account verified.
  3. Login and go to [My Account].
  4. From the menu, click [Become a Seller].
  5. Fill up your store details and click [Add Store].

After the form is submitted successfully, your account will be automatically converted into a Seller account.
You may edit your store details from [My Profile].

How will your store be listed?

  • Your store will be listed in the Stores list automatically.
  • To get listed in a product’s page, click on the product’s [Add to my selling list] or [Add to my rental list] link.
  • All listings are in random order.

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